Weapon Vanity

Weapon Vanity
effort 5.0 2 quality 5.0 3 reasonability 4.857142857142857 7

ah yes weapon drip
you’ve just spent 30 minutes trading for the perfect
“Awh man… Now my drip is ruined… I should just unequip this
Piece of crap…” “Wait… Weapon vanity? OH YES! I CAN NOW LOOK

But seriously if this gets added, it would encourage other players to spend more time
on the game, exploring to find cool looking armor and swords, and beating bosses, because if I see a super drippy player, IM gonna wanna be like that! so this Idea is not only super drippy, BUT people will have more GOALS! like getting a super drippy avatar to go with your new caravel. W IDEA!

You don’t know any moves of mages of FS users until they use them and they are getting rare/lost/ancient techniques so I’d say it evens out. Hell for Mages you don’t even know their magic until they use it.

Rake continuing to be my favorite Canadian

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If this suggestion gets added, it also opens the door for purely vanity weapons that could be seasonal or just plain silly, like whacking someone with a skull on a stick in lieu of a mace or using feathers as daggers or even using a giant candy cane as an axe. The possibilities that can open are really out there.

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need a revolver for flintlock fr

what if armorers/forges could change the color of your weapons or something so that the hitboxes still match up but you can change the colors

made some art for it

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might be hard to implement but i’d be all for this

It’d just be a model swap. Unless the model itself is required for the weapon to function (which it shouldn’t be considering you can use weapon moves without a hand to hold the weapon) then it should be a simple swap. Would probably take a few hours of coding, maybe a day at the very most (like if weapons really did rely heavily on their being a physical model present on the player character).

ill vote but
what happens to weapons with unique status effects? logically they should still keep their attack and name colors just so you can tell that someone is using, lets say, a sunken sword against you instead of any other sword. even if you dont know what a sunken sword does, if i see blue slashes ill usually assume water and know that someone might be trying to use soaked against me.

oh and hiding weapons under other weapons is an advantage of course, but its not really op at all as long as you can tell with the slash colors or whatever. itd make the model swap less cool tho, the weapon aura wouldnt fit the weapon’s color anymore, but eeeeeeh i guess thats on you for choosing that

I was actually thinking this could be a setting to keep them or not. Sort of like how you can click that little eye icon in vanity to hide your attire but not put on anything, you can probably click on a similar icon to keep the unique effects (slashing color (for m1s as moves are just remaining entirely the same) and particle effects like sunken’s water drips and poison dagger’s poison). This could be useful for both weapons you’re using and weapons you want to use. Maybe you want to use SS’ model but not have it’s dripping effect? No problem. Or you’re using a sunken sword but you want to swap it to another weapon, like a regular sword, and keep it’s drip? No reason not to.

Only little mind fuck would be putting two weapons on top of each other that both have unique effects, like maybe a fire sword in the future and a sunken sword. Since that will inevitably come I’d suggest instead of one icon there is too. One for the first weapon’s effects and one for the second weapon’s effects. Only one can be on at a time and if neither of them are on no effects will be applied. Kinda messy having six buttons under three slots but meh it can be workshopped.

Mages hide their entire kits and FS users hide their techniques. A mage could be max intensity wind with an ultimate placed explosion waiting for you and they’d look exactly the same as a Fire/Magma Mage running a Power/Defense based build. Unless you know who you are up against there is no way to tell what they do.

It would be a tad deceptive but that’s a little bit of the joys of pvp I suppose, finding out what your opponent does and what they will do. They don’t know you you don’t know them. It’s as much of an advantage to one player as it is the other as it isn’t a locked off feature (kinda is since only weapon builds can do it but as I said before other builds can nearly completely hide their sets).

I don’t see it being even a tad of an advantage in PvP but that’s just my two cents on it’s impact in the scene. Luckily if this were to be tested out it could be discovered to be too advantageous or not before making it to the main game, so there’s that at the very least.

they should add variant weapons as rare loot

the bigger issue is making the models that are going to be recolored in the first place, that might take a bit more time

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I first didn’t like the idea of hiding your weapons, but as i thought, mages are really unbalanced in everything, even the fact they can hide their attacks and Magic while fighting Styles (partly) and weapons show off their moveset for everyone, especially weapons, i think this is a great idea and Maybe the moveset problem could be fixed in another way as well (is it really a problem?)

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