Weapon Vanity

Weapon Vanity
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A fairly small suggestion that doesn’t need much explanation as to what it does or how it functions.

Vanity and drip are a pretty popular part of AO. With it you are able to look however you want with gear that can actually pack a punch, you don’t need to look goofy or mismatched thanks to vanity. The amount of customization available to players is pretty overwhelming at times with dozens of items that come in sixteen different colors (iirc) but there is one thing a player cannot change about themselves; weapons.

Weapons are a fairly major aspect of players with a majority of players choosing to use them as either Conjurors, Warriors, Warlords, or Knights. But when it comes to their appearance they are unfortunately stuck with what weapons they are using. Giving players the option to change the appearance of their weapons will allow them to truly customize themselves to the fullest.

Now this system will have limits. Weapons can only be vanity for weapons of the same type. One cannot mask the Lion’s Halberd as an Old Dagger. Branch Bow can look like Stormcaller, Calvus’ Trident can look like Thunderspear, but Sunken Sword cannot look like Lance of Loyalty. Weapons also can’t be hidden or invisible, there must always be a model of a weapon present on an individual if they have that weapon equipped.

The only problem I potentially see with this is hitbox issues, since weapons with extreme differences in size (that also are somehow in the same group) can look a little wonky and their m1s will not quite align but no one uses m1s in PvP and when they do they are already buffed by attack size so it’s not going to be that much off and generally weapons don’t have a major size difference if they are in the same class.

Everything else about the weapon except for it’s outward appearance (and maybe the visuals of the projectiles, like throwing a spear of a different vanity will look like the new one instead of the one it actually is) will be the same. This is strictly a change to the appearance of the weapon itself. An old sword rising ride looks just the same as a sunken sword rising tide.

There should be very little to absolutely no impact on the PvP scene from this change. Aside from the workload itself that comes with any new addition I can only see this as a positive addition to the game that a good chunk, if not a majority, of the players can enjoy. That is all thank you for reading this. Hopefully we can make this suggestion happen. :fr:


we need drip for weapons


How do i get suggestion role


wish i could hide some completely tbh, i hate clipping

i want the lance of loyalty, but it breaks the aesthetic


i want to show off my sunken sword but its so ass i’d have to be a dumbass to actually use it

Weapon Drip!

I completely agree weapons seem completely like an afterthought when compared to fighting styles and magic, they have zero customizability at all

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I dont exactly agree with the weapon transmog system idea, but my main gripe is the inability to hide weapons at all. As mentioned elsewhere, it ruins peoples attire when they have a giant weapon on their back the matches little with said outfit.

Kinda indifferent about them hiding weapons but it just seems boring. Unless you got an assassin thing going on I think one should wear their weapons proudly. A swordsmen would, y’know, have a sword. There are cases where this could be ignored, like with daggers, and I think giving smaller weapons like them and flintlocks the ability to hide themselves could make them stand out as weapons a bit more but eh. 100% just me there lol.

I can see where your coming from.

If not hiding them, there could potentially be other ways of showcasing your weapons, such as changing where you put them when they aren’t equipped or making them hover next to you.

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Light vanity
Medium Vanity
Hard Vanity

with this I can complete my drip builds

maybe im not cooking at all but like, if someone were to run up to you with a sunken you would be like “oh he’s gonna use rising tide” and then just uses flash strike

could confuse your enemies a little and would affect more than just vanity

Flash Strike is a katana still (right?) and thus you could not transmog a sunken sword over a katana

That’s correct. Some weapon types will overlap but for simplicity’s sake each weapon should be restricted to only be able to be vanity for their weapon type. Reasonably a katana could look like a SS or vice versa or an axe looking like a sword. Those wouldn’t be crazy but just to keep things simple it’d be per weapon type. Universal and straightforward.

Alternatively, cosmetic overrides could only apply to yourself while other playes would see your actual weapons

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damn thats actually pretty interesting

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