Weapon wipe bug questions

Should I just join as my warrior slot? I didn’t enter the update until 4 hours after release. My mage slot still had a sunken staff and a scald tooth dagger, but I can’t remember whether they were upgraded or not. Is there any point waiting to join as the slot given the bug?

Also, my warrior slot had 2 sunkens equipped before I left the game. If they were removed from my inventory but I keep them equipped as proof I obtained them, can they be given back?

From what I know it’s so far “safe” to join and play as a warrior but unequiping the weapon is gone

You cannot get these weapons back or anything back if it has been wiped.

Yes but I literally have the weapons equipped still. How could I possibly fake that if I have lost them?

photoshop works in all ways in this game

Are the weapons also removed from your hotbar? I wouldn’t be able to swing them and use the abilities if they were equipped?

Weapons in the hot-bar will be removed if you unequip the weapon
You can still use the weapons
just don’t unequip them from the inventory

So if you still had your sunken sword equipped you could still use the rising tide ability? How could you possibly fake that with photoshop. that would be concrete evidence

idk ask vetex

It’s because vetex doesn’t actually care enough

oh no its fixed i decided to just man up and check and i didn’t lose any items. If mimhere is right it’s been fixed for awhile (they said it was fixed in the discord at 3:48 PM)

Thankful that theres people checking rn, some dude on the main discussion was saying other wise

Did you never upgrade your sunkens when you equipped them?