Weapons rally an overhaul

Gears and Weapons are seriously underused and very underrated. This is the opposite of other RPG games where weapons are one of the most important things. Stats are way too simple. And there is no specification. I guess that weapons should be on the same level as magic and they need specification.

Weapons need classification. For now let’s classify them as Swords, Daggers, Polearms, Bows, and Grimoires. Each weapon needs a specific stat that it upgrades when you have it. There should be culture-specific weapon sets or sets found in a places of a specific culture, for example, I am going to make a custom one. Vetex can put this if he wants.

There should also be an option of weapon crafting when visiting the metal worker. These items are all level +200 and need items like crystals, metal ores, prototypes, etc.

Alalean Craftable set: The Stone curse

This set is in honor of Arsen, the leader of the Cursebeard pirates. All weapons have

Imperial Cutlass
Bonus stat: Strength

Assassin’s Knife
Bonus stat: Agility

Petrified Spear
Bonus stat: Strength

Cursebeard Ballista
Bonus stat: Power

Memories in a stone
Bonus stat: Magic size

Passive: After doing an attack the next attack done within 10 seconds will deal 10% more damage. Can stack many times.

Castlian Craftable set: Flame Heart series

This series is based off of the Ruins of Charon

Flame heart slasher
Bonus stat: Strength

Dragon Fangs
Bonus stat: Knockback

Volcanic Spine
Bonus stat: Defense

Wine-soaked Harp
Bonus Stat: Casting speed

Ancient Relics of the flame
Bonus stat: Power

Passive: After you do a spell there will be a small force area around the enemy, causing nearby enemies to take damage.

Vistarian set: Seabound Glory

Iron Stinger
Bonus stat: Strength

Pirate’s Point
Bonus stat: Agility

Seabound Halberd
Bonus stat: Clash strength

Adventurer’s Warbow
Bonus stat: Strength

Excavated Fragments
Bonus stat: Power

Passive: After doing a spell or attack you will gain a shield that gives 10% speed and 20% damage and 30% damage resistance buff.

There should be a way to make you weapons better without enchanting. Maybe a weapon rebirth where the stats increase by 20% percent every time. Add special materials you need for

Be warned that is is for future Vetex games

Thing is, weapons ARE being revamped.

The game is being set into classes. Some may specialise in Magic, another class may specialise in Weapons. Some even use both.

Cultures are being removed as a whole. :woman_shrugging:


i wish there was something planned that would fix 100% of the game’s issues

maybe if we read the announcements one will magically appear

edit: OMG I ACTUALLY FOUND ONE (for some reason it says it was made in october but whatever)



did you not read the latest fucking ping from his discord

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I find it hilarious that as of the moment this topic is tagged as “very-serious”

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was boutta be like haha yes combat needs more changes

then the topics just stuff thats already getting revamped in a better way

Mmyes, a rant about a subject that will be fixed in the future. Not like the author TOTALLY didn’t get caught up on the latest news or anything.

“skill issue ez didn’t even read Vetcord what a nerd dogwater ew”

skill issue

its not like vetex is working on a revamp thats probably going to take over a year… right guys?

Hmm. I wonder…

If there was a weapon revamp.

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“very serious”

I don’t think you’ve been following the games development at all.

These are valid issues with WoM, but literally everything you mentioned is being addressed in the revamp. Also, cultures are being scrapped in favor of island specific weapons.

Please read the entirety of this:

Already being addressed, please read the trello

Can they delete this post?

sigh Someone imform the kid, I think he’s been in a coma for half a year.

no yeah cool it’s not like the suggestions category is closed for a reason or anything no let’s just put all our shitty ideas in game discussion instead

because clearly this doesn’t mean anything, right?


bruh this is a magic game, of course spells are gonna better than weapons


this topic is still labeled “very-serious” which I find funny

No they don’t, you do not provide any reason for them to be necessary.

Being removed

Suggestions are not allowed for the time being so he wouldn’t pay attention to this. Because this is basically a suggestion.

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