Weapons vs magic

how fucked is magic still when they fight weapon users
didnt vetex say something about how mages would eventually be on equal ground with weapons but on release would just have a few rare spells

Weapons and magic users are on equal footing roughly according to testers, it just depends on play style, if a mage plays like they’re a rushdown it won’t work, which is why Danny lost in that video, magic excels at zoning so you have to play like one

Game ain’t even fully finished yet.
So stuff is still being worked on.

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Put up fists

thinking about the time Synvade fucking crushed me while they were using weapons and sucked at magic


Magic is more a long-medium range while weapons are short-medium. If you’re a mage that’s fighting a warrior all you have to do is give some space between you and the warrior and you’ll probably win. But in the end it really just boils down to how you play.

Slow magic pain

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If you have a slow magic then it would be better to stay at a medium distance, although if you have bad aim, it’ll be hard to hit your shots.

2nd amendment winning


smh how u gon lose to him

Ikr I am average on my best days.

Which is why warlock is the best awakening path/class.

noob u just have to play a certain way to counter weapon builds

Countering weapons is easy. I’ve been beaten by objectively worse players that can just exploit the obvious weaknesses with never using magic.

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