[Weekly Prompt!] New Roots, First Prompt!

Usually I’ll post these on Sundays, but since this is the first ever one, I am posting it today!


A bolt of magic zips right above your head, barely missing you by an inch or so. You look up, face to face with a wizard radiating crashing waves of magical energy. They smirk, and points their crooked finger towards you,

“I finally found you! You thought you can hide from me!?”

Writing Prompts are a way to encourage your brain to “fill in the blanks” and create a story based off a given set of words. You can write however much you want, it is completely up to you!

Remember to make a new topic and label it “[WEEKLY PROMPT] Story Name” so others can see it! You can freely reply to this topic to discuss the prompt and share ideas for anyone to see!.

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Your eyes widen in fear as you realize who it is.

“No way… you’re… you’re!” you stutter.

“That’s correct. I’ve come back for you, old friend.”

Mad libs event when

xael is back YAY

“nope,” you reply, before responding with a massive burst of magical energy that sent them flying into a tree

“you little-,” CLUNK! a massive rock slammed him in the face, it was you, using gravity magic and your hand, already out in front of you.

This enemy wizard was causing trouble for you and a bunch of friends, it didn’t hurt that you were helping the Magic Council too. Though…you tended to avoid them…a lot.

Your eye flashes blue, yellow, orange and deep purple over and over again as you slammed them around into trees, through rocks and finally into a massive mountain…

“heh, guess it’s over now,” you remark.

You walk away into the forest, hop onto your boat, and sail off to explore.

The mountain surges upwards in a massive magical explosion…and a powerful magical beam surges into the sky

sans, is that you?

shhhh don’t expose my identity buddo

dnc do not care go back to soulshatters

cant go there, got too many knife spammers

(funnily enuff i main sans)

anyways this is a bit off topic

Is it alright if we alter the quote before inserting it into the story or is the quote just there to help us think?

Mostly just an idea or prompt, you can use your own idea inspired by the quote or just have something mostly the same if you really want to follow the prompt. The main goal is just to give you an idea on what to write about, so really anything goes.

what happened to the next writing prompt?

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bruh who gonna start the weekly prompts?

should we just cycle between regulars who volunteer for this?

xael will probably give us the next weekly prompt soon. We don’t need to start thinking about an alternate prompt giver yet.

Weekly prompts are weekly, it’s been six days. The next weekly prompt should come out tomorrow since it’ll have been seven days since this weekly prompt

Im almost regular, if it comes to this can I help?

Xael said she’d be doing it every sunday ;_;