Weeky Cooking Posts?

Ima see if I can post something I’ll cook every week.

Well I’ll try to since I’m not sure if I’ll get time with the next semester starting and if I’ll have the ingredients to be able to cook every week.


y e s

I may try tag along. I put zero effort into making it look good though since my family prefers a meal that tastes good rather than looks good.

same lmao
unless I’m making something special like I did with the wings and the lasagna

e p i c

Imma try cook something tomorrow then hehe.

yo epic

I can’t wait to see what you make ae


I remade all of tonios dishes except for his lamb one.

yo nice

tree the chef



Wait hold up

you should do these too, you like to cook!

Oh yeah.

Hehe. Speaking of cooking imma cook something for late lunch later lol.

Cook Tree he is
Tree cook week every he must