Welcome to the release of WoM and the Forums!

Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Just want to say before you get started and writing your first post, please make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions as well as Rules for the Forum! to gain an understanding of how the forum works!

Also make sure your posting in the correct category :smile:

If you see anything bad, go ahead and flag it and a mod will check it out for you. Other than that, have fun playing WoM!


glad to finally have access to forums woo, also, thanks for the forum headless, it’s pretty swell.


forum time, let’s goooooooo.

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WoM forum is looking very epic, very well set up :+1:


forum hype! :smiley:

OMG. Waited years for this! I loved Arcane Adventures and I know I’m gonna love this!


The apocalypse has begun

I can’t wait for the future WoM updates

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“praise to be scrungus”

Welcome all new users to the forums!!

Awesome, let’s goooo!

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