We'll be together forever... won't we?

I don’t think Takeshi has suffered enough, so I guess this is a- sorta sequel to the General Julian art.

(“it’s not that deep”. It’s my interpretation of Takeshi’s arcane adventure.)


Bro is depressed now

does he stink in the 2nd picture? just wondering (i see the flies)

Welcome to the forums, and actually he only looks depressed, he’s really glad that his pals are out there doing better than him. That’s what he believes at least.

The entire Mine Prison arc stink’d for him, and I didn’t see any showers down there in my gameplay, so yes. Yes I think he did stink.

using that info and seeing his wounds treated by a bandage our character is supposed to suffer from deadly infections from the mines being dirty and improper wound treatment,and saying that there is no showers,our character is already dead at this point! But just because this is a game,our character is just gonna say ***k it and ignore it and then still live.

:sparkles: character development :sparkles:

healing potions/antidotes to stop the prisoners from dying. It’s a stretch, and quite dark, but that’s not something the Order of Aesir wouldn’t do.

The best kind :sparkles:

When the game is tired of your crap so they send a curse user to gank you

blud got split in half

“Just get good at life Takeahi”

Morden is gonna turn traitor im calling it now

Nah i clearlly see where the story is going. They will in the end turn out to be brothers with Tucker since why no?

He just gives me a bad gut feeling, I don’t think he’s gonna be on the side of the order, but I don’t think he’s actually on our side either. I don’t really have any evidence but the way he talks and how nice he is puts me off

Its literally friend you escaped certain death with. + Remember curses can affect its users

Yeah the whole curse thing is part of the reason i dont completely trust him, also while I don’t think morden was lying about it since our character has lost all memories of escaping the magic experimentation place all we really have to go off of that experience is Morden’s word, which again he’s probably telling the truth about it but its just food for thought

We will see in next sea. For now Im just saying that they represent 3 gods. Zeus,. Poseidon and Hades. I hole you guessed why Poseidon and Hades.

If you wonder why Tucker represents Zeus:

Theyre both dead

(For real there is eternal thunder over his grave so Im gonna say it untill more lore comes out)

You don’t gotta keep doing Takeshi dirty like that :sob: