Well, that sucks

very unfortunate fate for BRICKBATTLER, a game that was actually pretty cool. may i get an f in the chat for something you probably didn’t know that existed?

90% sure the dev did something bad. (unsure as to what though, i don’t know much about this situation)

neither do i, it’s honestly confusing

literally sobbing

why does nearly every fucking dev of a sick ass roblox game have to do something terrible

reason it was privated

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i have no clue what fnb is or what relation the owner of fnb had with the creator of brickbattler

That’s absolutely tragic, man

A game that genuinely had so much potential gets ruined by the creator’s (very) questionable decisions. Hope it gets the Adventure Forward treatment it deserves.

Somehow, I’m not even that surprised…

…And, considering the warning in-game about parrying being poorly made, I’m not surprised the code is incredibly shit too.


the amount of times the parrying screwed me over on an x-rank is…plentiful, to say the least

Separate creation from creator people. Personally idc what weird fetishes they like as long as they don’t make their game some shota thing
(Haven’t even played the game lol)

suprised it didnt get cancelled sooner

It was a ultrakill inspired hack n slash