We're Getting Close!

What I’m trying to say is there 40 actual groups of things to complete, not every detailed bit of that task

just sounds like endless content

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40 more tasks
very misleading
that’s basically saying “40 questions left” with 30 of them being 10 paragraph essays


and about half of those being split up into 10 full and detailed parts that aren’t individual questions

40 'War and Peace’s

Its my hypothesis that Vetex is only going to be making the basis for the dark sea, not create it entirely, for the purpose of adding some ready, replayable content upon release, unlike WoM.

we close alright close to closing this topic

what why?

jk I thought I did the funny but I am bad at the funny


lol release

the remaining tasks are going to take ages, like i remember the first 40 tasks on that list took maybe a day or 2 cause all of it was just deleting most of wom. considering vetex is the only active dev, i dont expect AO to release for a looooong time

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