Western Seas [POEM]

I glide over the western seas​

They seem to sing a melody.​

A song of nature, yes indeed.​

A crystal of tranquility.​

Who else would dare create a world,​

Then the one who is divine?​

Can you see? I’m trying to prove a point.​

One that is clear and fine.​

I cast a spell of magic pure,​

Along the seas of odyssey.​

I cannot fathom a world so great,​

Of mystery and oddities.​

As the sun sets in the west,​

I sail along the western seas.​

Nature beautiful and grand,​

A cause of pure fidelity.​


This is called reusing a poem that I started and never finished. Then blend AO into it. Haha, beat the system.

nani what is this power

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finally a poem that rhymes

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