What 3 Weapons do You Guys Plan on Using in AO?

Based off of the weapons in this pictute, what 3 weapons do you guys think you’ll be using (that’s the most we can hold in our toolbar at a time)?

  • Big Wooden Club/Wooden Club
  • Hammer
  • The fancy sword under the hammer
  • Mace
  • Are
  • Dual revolvers/flintlock
  • Revolver/flintlock
  • That gun (I forgot the name)
  • Claws
  • Dagger
  • Cutlass
  • Dual swords
  • Large ax :flushed:
  • Sword
  • Spiky hammer
  • Greatsword?
  • Spear
  • Trident
  • Staff
  • Katana :person_fencing:

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  • Bow :neutral_face:

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I’ll probably be using the katana, hammer, and maybe trident. I’ll have to see what the guns will be like though.

What about ya’ll?


Where tf is the rapier… that guy’s fencing with a fencing foil, a non lethal tool/weapon used primarily for thrusting very akin to a rapier but the rapier is not on the list I must know, TELL ME WHERE MY BELOVED THRUSTING SWORD THAT CAN STILL BE USED FOR SLASHING HAS GONE!!!

Edit: wait nevermind I was looking for the word my eyes just ignored “fancy sword”

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I get heated when it comes to my my beloved favorite renaissance era sword that only actually got a century of somewhat common use… I love me some rapier

I have 6 files so
for the first ill use greatsword, for the second rapier (although ill focus more on magic in that one), for the third one the wooden club (ill also focus more on magic in this one too), for the fourth claws, for the fifth one hammer and for the sixth one ill use one of the 3 guns

Katana’s look cleaner tho, Rapiers just have a fancy handle

I mean don’t blame me when your comparatively unprotected hand gets lopped off while my thoroughly protected hand is left safe /j

This is the furthest I will go into sword debates… I’ve watched them happen before and they are the most tiring thing imaginable.

my warlord file is prolly gonna use hammer, staff and shield

musket *

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Acid Magic, Scorch Magic, and Impact Fist.


My favorite weapons1!



sunken sword where

damn people sleep on the sword
…ok sure the sunken sword is better but you wont be able to use it early on without spending almost all of your points on weapons

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i keep forgetting about the sunken sword existing

Two of them are greatsword and large axe
something tells me you’re going to be a conjurer

Greatsword and Greataxe are for my warrior file :nod:

The staff is for my savant one, and the bow is for a conjurer file

guns always win

I really wanna give claws a try for some reason,from the skills we have seen so far it seems really fun,plus claws have never been a weapon before in the arcane games.

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what i thought would be fun is using a sunken sword to cast water spells that’d be mad fun