What about all of Zeus's Affairs?

Is the a possibility we could ever have the chance to run into, for example, Perseus or even Hercules in AO? Cursebeard killed the gods and I don’t think he would have any reason to target their children. Your thoughts?

Well considering this is a kid’s game, I doubt we can really go into the…fine…details. But yeah, that would be interesting, fighting the children of the gods.

No, because Zeus didn’t have children with humans before humans were given fire.

In this universe, humans were given magic instead of fire and then Zeus died.

Also Hercules is a god so he would’ve been dead since the gods were getting killed

Perseus is mortal (mortally aging, he’s a demi-god) so he would’ve been long dead

wait did cursebeard kill all the gods or just the top dogs like Zeus, Athena and so on.

well… Poseidon survived for a few years until durza showed up, then you have Hades… Who got oofed by the peacekeeper

no I was talking about the minor gods, for example
Nemesis: Greek god of revenge
cupid: god of love
and so on
did they die, are they alive, did they even exist?

they prolly ded


top dogs

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