What About Eye Colors?

What About Eye Colors?
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I had this idea that I was suprised to see nobody else had written about or even suggested. Eye colors would be really cool and here’s why.


So first off, eye colors would be part of the customization menu. To prevent a super packed customization page, there would only be a few colors to choose from. Not much is to go here, as my idea is simply that of a customization addition

Reason to add/change

This would be a really cool aspect to the game and would also make the characters and certain OC’s more original with fancy eye colors and such.

Seems kinda odd but why not have a vote

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Tbh i dont see anything wrong with this

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the eyes used on faces are kinda small tho. not sure how that can be implemented


I mean I know you like the idea but like… :fr:

And there can be a gamepass so you can have 2 seperate eye colors, milk the money out of the edgy people

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Aren’t the eyes black…? There’s no pupil or iris to color.


Doesn’t fit the current faces and I clearly don’t want anime eyes either

what would this look like? would the black eyes turn brown or something or will the ANIME wiggle itself into here.

theoretically you could color the entire eye a certain color, but i think that should be saved for more important events.

In all honesty, I didn’t really think of the more appearance side of everything. Brown eyes would probably interfere with players that have dark skin. The only way to avoid this would be to detail the eyes in order to have pupils and an iris but that would probably take too much work

Why not? Just good addition to the game that wont cause any lags


Dont see how this could work without the faces looking horrible or seem out of place. If we’re gonna have some atleast good looking eyes, i’d rather want it Deepwoken level of eye art style since having anime eyes in a lego game feels really out of place.


Not sure about this being basic customization.

This could maybe be a thing for mode spells (super saiyan lol) or transformation spells rather than it being something you just have, considering the style of the current faces.


Honestly sure. Doesn’t seem too hard to add and I’d love to show everyone my cac has red eyes.

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