What are best stats for mages right now?

Bro warriors are killing me with there new spears, How do I combat this?

have u tried parrying it?

If you can’t parry it then stack resistance and hold G whenever you think they’re going to use it, most likely after Ethereal Flash

Mage is hard carried by atk speed so get like 150 at least

Came back since I’m bored, have nothing to do and quite frankly have a personal vendetta against Dense Triasta

Block/Parry Ethereal Flash then immediately use a grab right after. Warriors have weapons equip delay so you can tell right away if they switched to Triasta or if they’re dashing toward you with a yellow aura, or it looks like they’re holding an used toothpick sideway.

If you can’t accomplish such task, simply hold G at the sight of aggression. Warriors are predictable (sorry bear) simply because of equip delay and the obvious aura whenever they use dodge reflex, that and they’re just lazy switching to other weapons. Sparrow Thrust have long endlag so retaliate with a grab immediately, in my case it was Skull Crusher for follow-up potential

DO NOT damage trade with them as a mage. Sparrow Thrust have bullshit clashrate like Devastate and Shining Cycle. If you turret them back , they can go for an Impaling Strike and do the cancer combo over again

May the G key be with you

272 magic

Attack size and agility are the most effective stats for mages, but if you want to get better at the game, go for more attack speed. Mage can still play like a turret nowadays, but it’s more effective with more atkspd.

damage trading does work depending on your attack speed-power ratio, clash rates don’t matter if you’re close enough(pure projectile clashing is a different story) If OP is going for attack size and power focused mage, a 300 damage self explosion would probably do more than enough to scare off any hopes of damage trading.

i think mages actually have the highest dps in the game now :frcryin:

Sparrow Thrust have knockback btw. Check my pvp thread, the particular clip where I fought Virge and you’ll see how good knockback is, even when facing Ultimate Art explosion

That much is true. But in the scenario where they’re just close enough for Impaling Strike I don’t think 200 extra damage is worth the 600 damage punishment :fr:

they could snare back

I did mention using grabs in 2 previous paragraphs :fr:

I swear warrior feels like the only good class now (other than mage), all the hybrids have tiny size and fstyles do no damage.

Best bet is zoning, use 20% blast to punish their endlag, you need high attack speed and some defense for that.

Don’t ever go close to a warrior, you will get comboed out of existence

What new spears?