what are deez? (not nuts)

i was looking into trellos to help my friend translate runes (we doing great)
when i found this…

to what seems to be just an “innocent” representation of the Phoenix magic winged ult seems to be… a possible spoiler?
here we can see an apparently young woman with white hair and a black dress, using phoenix wings, she is holding a man in black coat with a blank circle on his back, a neutral magic circle (information about it on the trello itself) could he be durza? no, he cant cast those, maybe “A bigger threat that was never seen before”…

or maybe its nothing and im just mentally retarded

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webcomic thingy @spectrethefox

This was just an ultimate move that LittleShrekSheep made for phoenix magic in the Arcane Adventures Webtoon comic. The image is just showcasing the move. Nothing about the move or image is related to the story or any kind of lore

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i don’t think juniper can even learn phoenix magic since they don’t have fire magic to mutate

Covering your tracks I see :smirk: It’s okay, I’ll believe it for now

protagonist power and rigel apotheosis