What are good magics that combine with sand?

as a sand warlock, I wanna know what good magics are there that could make use of the sandy effect and look cool while doing so.

for example I saw :lightning_magic_var2: is capable of dealing 25% more damage under sandy, which is pretty good, however it removes the effect while doing so, which means maybe I would have to use a fighting technique that hits once and hits hard?

anyways what magics do you recommend for sand to be partnered with?


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Mostly heat magics i believe, especially fire. Sandy deals +10% to burning, fire deals +20% to sandy

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sand magic is all you need :3

thanks to @anon49231511 for fixing the “sAnD iSnT vErY UsEfUl On ItS oWn!1111” bullshit
i know who wrote that but it’s a leader so if i say ill get banned :pensive:

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Which variant of sand do you use?

he uses canyon (:muscle:)

Exactly who I was looking for. Canyon? Canyon? Cmon now. Canyon looks bad. Its orange!

Image result for emoji dissolving meme

you are incorrect
as the person who popularized sand i get to control which variants people like

There’s three variants and out of all three you pick the worst, the bronze-ish poop brown-ish scholastic book fair-ish looking orange. I don’t understand.

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it’s winter

Year-round summer baby




have you ever been hiking on a canyon in utah?
it looks sick as fuck




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