What are some of the most broken things in this game?

Not using it myself, ofc.
Just give me some, I need it for something.

Fighting style moves, builds, weapons, magics, synergies, whatever!
Anything you consider broken, just put it down here.

Overpowered or nonfunctional?

refer to heeew’s smash is broken series for specification.

so both.
both is good.
( here’s a vid for reference )

Gravy spawns and Dust particles, the most taxing thing a computer can render


Complete sentence

This only shows the latest patch, and AO will have new busted builds every patch or so

Can it also be the past or you’ll make one ever patch

i’ll only make it when i know a new update is being worked on and vetex doesnt have time for patches :+1:

Most broken?

Tucker’s heart rate.

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  1. Vindicator
    No explanation. Huge AOE ultra fast crash attack with a lingering hitbox projectile deleter.
    Just press g bro :nerd: try pressing G with more than 1.2 googol ping

  2. Triasta of Bronze
    Frame one AOE flash strike which is unavoidable used by a player with good game sense. You’re relying totally on parry skill to block this.

  3. Rapier
    Almost unparryable
    Big AOE decent damage finisher/free damage weapon with the best grab in game(literally unrivaled as of right now).
    When paired with the Triasta of Bronze… shudders

  4. Pulsar
    Still is pretty powerful. Big AOE blast attack, good for poking and finishing. It’s more fair, but still is pretty powerful when you think about it.

  5. Greatsword
    Hasn’t fallen from grace. Sure, Tempest is more difficult to hit now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unpunishable anymore. Tempest STILL has a 3 second projectile deleting wall(which almost like 60% of all attacks ingame are projectiles) and reduces self explosion type AOE pretty greatly.
    Oh, and it still has the almost guaranteed 200+ DMG attack.

  6. Drill Blasts
    “Reduces” AOE(it doesn’t)
    Pretty much no reason to not use this. 25% is a big increase.

  7. Placed Explosions

Rapier is very silly

double beams are broken in many ways i shall not specify.

Lmao not the tucker jokes

calvus set, the pieces of this set genuinely might be among the most overpowered armor pieces in all of the arcane games

you get:
high power
more aoe
more mobility
not to mention theres almost no downside to it having no defense due to cernyx accesories

another thing would be Crystal iron leg

This build is just… i have no words.

fire (ice or lightning) savant 2nd awakening with triasta and sunken sword for petrify and (frozen or paralyze) with sailor fist for the other effect from gel potions

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