What are the different Prices for Gems? are some rares worth more than other?

Ive been trying to trade Gems but I dont really know values so I would like some help with knowing how many Galleons or items to ask for in a trade.

all rare gems are worth very little, theyre not useful at all except for getting 15 of a specific gem to upgrade a deckhand, or grinding for perfect jewelcrafting. maybe 25-50 coins each

for exotic gems, it varies greatly, but versatile gems like morceni are worth more
for the price of each exotic gem, theres no 100% answer. ive tried trading for exotic gems before and barely anyone accepts them, they are weirdly protective of them.

You can trade an exotic gem for a powerful/armoured scroll

Maybe so, but the average player isn’t willing to trade away a gem for that little. I’ve tried to give upwards 300 galleons for a single rare gem and people still weren’t willing to trade. I’ve also seen players drop a thousand galleons (or even more!) for just a few gems (and some other silly things but that’s besides the point).

It probably doesn’t matter how much you trade for rare gems - as long as it isn’t too much for you, cuz of galleon inflation.

The average price for a single rare gem in my experience is maybe around 200 galleons? But it depends on how many they have (i.e. someone with 15 of a gem is more willing to trade it away). Of course, this can vary depending on the player (e.g. are they also trying to upgrade deckhands, or whether they are a new player). You can probably get a discount if you buy gems in bulk though.

For trading exotic gems, yeah most people aren’t willing to trade them away. But if you treat it as more of a “gem exchange”, where you give them an equal amount of exotic gems of a different type, it makes it easier for them to understand the value of things.

usually rare gems around 400 galleons each in my experience

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