What are the lost spells/techniques for weapons users?

title is self explanatory^

There is no rare weapons this patch for Warriors like the Vindicator, but they have the Atlantean Weapons dropped by Atlanteans, and 3rd Weapon Skills for Swords and Polearms (Spear and Trident)

There are (Scald Tooth Dagger and Atlantean Mace)
Other than those two and the Vindicator, nothing else yet.

Wouldn’t sunken count too since it’s a rare, just abnormal to get

yeah sunken sword counts. Rising tide is funny skill that no other weapons have.

I think I would like to point out that the atlantean weapons have been tested and they are basically all just alternative skins, save the scaldtooth dagger & urchin mace.

What does the urchin mace do? I know it’s marked as rare, but does it have a special effect?

Also isn’t the great sword also rare but does nothing special?

It slows. The urchin mace that is. It has built in slowness, but a friend told me through testing that the slow only works when the npcs use the mace.

Oh. So it is just a regular mace as far as we care

For now, probably just a bug.