What are the most incredible things that happened here?

Tell me all the unique things that happened here, the ones I know about are @StarForDays Fem*** Post, Reminders for AO 1 breaking the website and user4’s return, gimme more

The Qna
JubileeSucks being banned.

Who’s that ?

Forumer made things

Cryo ranting about people changing the name of Reminders for AO Part 2 a lot.

I’m gonna die.

I mean, things before I arrived

And I arrived before you

the pipebomb incident?

Wtf was that ?

a now banned forumer posted a recipe for a pipebomb on the forums, I think they got banned for 1000 years

  1. What’s a pipebomb ?
  2. Person’s name ?
  1. how do you not know what a pipebomb is
  2. I forgor :skull:


The last half of the word is all you need

Off topic president election thing
and meeee :))))))

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I mean that

@yoruh being discovered to have possession of child [REDACTED]

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