What are the names of all the Sea Clusters in the Arcane Universe?

It’s highly unlikely that the sun actually shifted the earth probably rotated or something… or it’s the magnetic poles
It could be either

Vetex confirmed that the rotation of the Earth got screwed over. Tho I think the more precise answer is that the Earth it got tilted sideways like lil’ Neptune

This because its confirmed that the sun rises in opposite directions between War Seas and Seven Seas. The sun sets in the south for the Seven Seas, but the sun would be rising in the south in the War Seas, because its in the opposite side of the world.

This would mean that the south and north poles are (somewhat) facing towards the sun.

However, if you guys dont know, Mt Helicon and Mt Oryths are actual mountains irl, Mt Olympus is also a mountain irl. Mt Helicon is actually south of Mt Oryths and Olympus is north, which is the reverse of their locations in AO. This led to the theory that the poles flipped. But the poles didnt go sideways or else the locations would actually be sideways too.

However, Vetex said that he actually didnt take the magnetic poles being changed into account, and that they actually are representative of the old magnetic poles, but does acknoledge it shouldve been changed

So the locations of Mt Oryths and Mt Helicon (potentially Mt Olympus too) were probs happy little accidents when creating the story locations

the rising/setting in the north/south instead of east/west can make sense but what was vetex cooking with this… the reason why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west basically everywhere in the world (it gets funky near the poles) is because the earth rotates in the same direction everywhere in the world. the only way for this to be possible is if the Earth were somehow rotating in the opposite direction in the war seas than in the seven seas :sob:

As much as this would make sense, this clearly isn’t the case as seen by how Vetex places cultures.

The Seven Seas and War Seas are European, however both hold Egyptian-Mesopotamian Arab civilizations along with for some reason Japanese cultures?

I think most of the Old World is just in the Dark Sea, like imagine pulling up into the Dark Sea and seeing the ruins of Jerusalem :skull: (christianity and judaism are canon to the AU)

walk up to a random island and you see a manger that’s been untouched and gives a warding aura or some shit

whats your definitive proof that it even is north america at all?


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btw the poles are indeed flipped
(redacted the name of the mountain due it being the result of a hidden translation, i could get in trouble)

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Got rid of the dark sea, so now it’s…

just the clusters

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