What are you guys doing right now as of waiting for AO? 1/5/2022

Literally trying to complete multiple tds games trying to range by its difficulty

  1. Arena: Tower defense (Completed)
  2. Zombie Madness
  3. Evolution Evade
  4. Base Defense
  5. Tower defenders
  6. Project: Tower defense
  7. Tower Defense Simulator
  8. Tower battles
  9. Tower Blitz

The optional being:
(Optional being games that I don’t entirely need to play but won’t hurt too)

All-star tower defense (Due to it having a storyline so technically most likely gonna complete all of those maybe)

Action tower defense (This is most likely made for babies so I won’t recommend playing but overall a pretty good game)

Tower Heroes (Cartoony look but a pretty balanced game with more communication required than action tower defense)

Frontline Defense: Legacy (For the nostalgia look and as well being a tower from TDS which makes it seem pretty enjoyable)

Critical Tower defense (Reference and as well dead game but doesn’t hurt to play)

Retro TDS (nostalgia of the TDS game)

consuming far too much caffeine


Scrolling through the forums hoping something will happen.


Basic real life things, knife sharpening and a ton of organizing. Overall I would choose not to follow up on the progress so I am much more impressed by the result along with not setting my expectations too high. Afterall all I want is to hurl huge rocks at people in an online fighting esque game.

game icon is literally a simp magnet

anyways, to the actual topic

  • i play beatsaber. been playing more custom songs recently, and just started on mapping my first song
  • i also trade and occasionally pvp on wom. ive started fishing too, cuz why the fuck not
    got my fifth sunken sword today from scamming some bozo
  • tried getting into ar (as you know) but ar is a sussy game so i havent played in a fair bit
  • played through celeste. currently trying to finish b-side chapter 6
  • tried getting into animal crossing again, got bored after trying to find sticks and left
  • still playing hades when im mega bored. just recently finished my first escape attempt which was poggers
  • still working on my japanese skills. currently just trying to memorise how to write all n5 kanji (going fairly well, im just stuck on a couple)
  • mainly talking on discord now. end of january, im hoping to get the certified discord moderator badge. ive been in the official community program for about two months now, and apparently month three i get badge

otherwise my time has been quite boring


Knife sharpening??

You heard him.

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literal tests

loomian legacy cause that’s basically one of the few games i can actually play due to reasons :fr:

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just playing shindo and waiting till it will pop in the game

deepwoken addiction

Your mom

What I am doing? Existing. Breathing. Studying. If playing, then Mad city and WoM

i beat tower defense simulator already (as in i have every tower, every golden skin, i always beat every new event they make)
im looking for a new game to beat

Applying for uni and various reports and exams to do :+1:

no lifeing Just Shapes and Beats
fun game

grinding AR

you want me to generate vast sums of lamina out of nothing? or do you want me to teach you how to generate vast sums of lamina out of nothing