What are you planning to spend/save your headless for?

me: im planning to save it for the far future when lost magic/primordial magic scrolls come, i would give 1 or 2 headlesses for it or 1 headless + 4th of july stuff (i would buy death scroll)

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I don’t own a headless, yes I know I’m poor don’t bully. :frcryin:

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Skill issue :sunglasses:

Can’t even scam noobs smh /s

Probably a primordial scroll of my choosing.

Or I could just keep it forever.


Death Magic


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I can’t be bothered to do it lol

I am going to use it for my avatar and save it until it becomes super rare.

well I’ve got 9 of them soo… I’ll probably just hoard em

its already fairly rare.

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Yeah but is gonna get rarer because players are gonna sell it soon or trade it to a player who might stop playing.

That’s were I’ve gotten most of my headless heads. Mostly from kids who just came back and don’t understand it’s value.

The value is gonna keeping increasing. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Can I have one?

im keeping it for collection to flex on the noobs

n o I need mine :nod:

ur noob ez, I have 9

dnc (do not care)

the only thing that matters is that my headless has my name on it

I was 2 away from having one with my name on it :frpensive:

skill issue

sound magic