What are your biggest grievances with the current story?

We should get to see more of an effect of Calvus’ death in Nimbus if that’s any consolation.

I would actually rather die than participate in a gank boss fight, I don’t care how crappy the boss is

npcs have got to be fixed first no way in hell am i going to do a boss fight with more than one npc

I think that he says that since he’s gonna die anyway he decides to dump the info

There’s no way I’m fighting a boss that have a passive regeneration and NPCs

the story is boring i want to play one piece story not arcane story and order hunting is boring smh :rage:

warren and randal are literally in the same area this takes place in, either one of them would have made far more sense to have explain this.

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especially since both (possibly) of them have curses themselves lmfao

too early to tell but unless the party is reduced to the player alone at some point I have no idea how we are supposed to connect to people that we currently know nothing about (like seriously we knew the party members for like a few days at most and somehow they decided to stage a raid on the mines to help us) we barely got any time to know who we are talking to outside of long winded conversations that are extremely one sided or a literal wall of text in a diary

also story dialog boring bad blah blah blah vetex has not written interesting dialog

Hmm, I mightve been the only one who saw Neviro as significant the moment I met him. But that was just me being hella suspicious about the guy, I legit thought he was some spy or traitor lmao.

Also, about the thing with Elius info-dumping, Vetex actually did admit that he personally preferred Warren explaining curses, but he already left at that point in the story, so no one else could explain it to our amnesiac MC.

Someone literally made a very similar thread like this, and Vetex actually responded to it.

I can agree that I’d like some more interaction with the party aside from just one sided conversations, but I am gonna defend the story on this part. Morden knew the mc before the story started and went through a lot in the experimentation facility with them. Neviro has his own bone to pick with Calvus and Ravenna as a whole and working with the mc and co was probably his best bet. Lasty for Iris, the MC did put his life on the line to try to help find her dad so it makes a bit of sense she wants to do the same for the MC.

Aside from like one or two moments I think were decent or pretty good I can mostly agree with this. “You’re evil can’t you see that?” gives me nightmares

bro you gotta understand I only play arcane odyssey after deepwoken and going from “The ruins of that city will never cage me” to you’re evil can’t you see that is such a insane juxtaposition that I cannot help but laugh

Now that you mentioned it… that one line of dialogue might hold more significance considering MC’s character actually.

MC has a strong sense of justice, but I think that line might indicate a black and white thinking. It sounds cringe, but it does reveal a bit about MC’s mindset and stuff. :thinking:

that was like me watching the avatar movie directly after seeing the show

i just forgot neviro existed, when he just appeared in the mines i was like: “who even are you i have never seen this random ass npc before”

Bro same

The stories weakest point is 1000% the corny dialogue
The characters don’t have much personality in the dialogue along with the fact it’s just robotic, vetex would ironically benefit from looking at deepwoken dialogue and trying to fit more into that category

(just without the whole “ahhh, finally freed from my eternal prison… the man sniffs his long hair and exhales., although, I always had expected someone of higher renown would come to rescue me… the man does 38 consecutive pushups before running out of breath.” that the deep devs love to put in their dialogue for some reason)

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