What are your opinions on a daily reward system similar to arcane's?

arcane had one, maybe something like this, got better each day up to 10 times


I haven’t got on World of Magic for weeks or so, a mechanic like this would probably encourage me to get on


would be nice

yea add it

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I forgot about that. I forget many things

i feel like my brain just unlocked a memory

You may now access new cutscenes from the “Flashbacks” menu.

oof that picture hits me hard

bruh i didnt even remember this existed… i legit thought you were joking… man… this is SO OLD…

i think it should be different but similar
keep the style, but maybe make it 300 exp? 100 or 50 crowns (to replace aurem because we dont even have that in wom) and a random item yeah
this really hits tho lmao i seriously miss the days of aa

Gets a lost magic scroll from random item*
jk but srsly this would be a good addition

Will come eventually