What can I get with my sunken staff?

bro ur not the one trading whats ur point of being here

Not reacting to your posts and showing you how to not overreact. Get it?

Dont react dont react dont react…


Tbh trade with randoms in AO instead of relying on value and community trades

If you get lucky you could get a chestpiece or sunken sword

Ye I just hop in a server and go through all the level 125 people’s inventory to see they if they have anything I want, rn im looking for siren gear and a theurgist hat

I have both somehow lol wanna trade :point_right: :point_left:

what siren piece do you have?

top (2 I think)


alr I’ll prob be hopping on ao later so friend me. my user is DeronChepem

what you giving for it?

I’ll take a look through my inventory and see what stuff I can offer


did you send a friend request?


bro you don’t think I’m really a forumer I’m just on here when I have extra time at school the last time I played ao was a month ago lol

(basically I’ll send it once I get home)

oh okay np. or you can tell me your user and I can friend you