What can I get with my sunken staff?

I wonder if I can trade it for a Sunken warrior chestpiece + adds maybe a sunken helmet?

Sunken iron helmet

2 old boots

yo I have the si helmet can we trade I really need the staff
it has two perfect luck IV attack size gems as well

50 galleons. thats my final evaluation. take it or leave it

a galleon

i doubt you can get a sunken chestpiece with a sunken staff, much less with extra adds

sunken staff is a warrior only weapon and most people dont want them anymore…i say try making trades to random people in servers and maybe they will accept a staff for a chestpiece, higher chance if they are a warrior

Bruh what is a luck IV attack size gem

3 pinecones and maybe some seaweeds

ig he made it while having luck IV (luck affects your secondary stats % if you didnt know)

Oh nice. Imagine this:
Full theurgist set
Perfect luck V musgravites in all of them
Climbing speed, swimming speed, air capacity, or energy regen as the secondary stats


Thats like 224% of one secondary stat if they’re all the same

well no,

climb speed max per gem = 10%
swim speed max per gem = 5%
air capacity max per gem = 10%
energy regen max per gem = 5%

max climb speed possible = 140%
max swim speed possible = 70%
max air capacity = 140% (you cant drown)
max energy regen = 70%

But musgravites double the secondary stat %

oh right…i forgot about that

max climb = 280%
max swim = 140%
max air = 280% (this is totally unnecessary)
max energy = 140%

that’s op

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@sunfellzito so trade???

This is pure underpay optical you gotta add something else to the deal

ima ask him what he needs

5 acrimonies
Sunken sword
Full sunken iron set
25 seasonals