What can we do when we are level 60

Apart having PvP combats with our guilds.

Terrorizing innocent NPC’s in towns is pretty fun, as well as just leveling them to.

Basically just raid every single town, try killing some MC captains or even king david. Its practically the only thing I do in the game at this point.

Or you can start new files, those exist to.

grind enchants for the best loot
even if you are satisfied with ur gear keep doing it B)

I’m hero 950 reputation XDDDD

Get max crowns and go to a blacksmith and buy a mass amount of items so that when the crown cap increases you’ll have plenty of money.

yeah, then sell it for smoke arrows or just keep it so you will be set in the future

Trying to decipher the text is also pretty fun imo still trying to decipher that underwater one and still suffering h

Grinding for max rep (if you’re a positive rep) & for your optimal build is what I’ve been doing.