What character(s) do you hate?

Not just this character but the fans of this character too.

all of them

Who the fuck is this guy

Mf is like that one kids OC that can do everything and beat everyone because they transcend all fiction

So like 90% of all anime protags?

Nah, way worse.

I think he wrote the color blue out of existence or something like that.

so… generic omnipotent comedy OC?

doesn’t seem to different from the likes of like, uncle grandpa or something

Uncle Grandpa isn’t giving a punchable face or expression 24/7

true, uncle grandpa is pretty based

this kid looks like a parody of a parody :skull:

Bro FOR REAL, idk wtf happened but somewhere along the way they took a wrong turn with Jay. If you compare not only his attitude but ESPECIALLY his voice from recent seasons to the pilot episodes and it’s actually like it’s two different characters. He actually used to have a deep voice, it’s crazy. Feels bad since he used to be my favorite character when it was first airing :frpensive: