What character(s) do you hate?

What character(s), from any media be it in the arcane verse or otherwise, just fills you with vitriol hatred?
This fucker is pretty high on my list, I hope the people who came up with him, animated him, and voice acted him, all rot in hell.

Julian (AO) really is kinda a prick, ya know?

But besides him… idk.

what did the tootsie pop owl do bruh :sob: (besides eat a kid’s lollipop which is honestly a pretty eh crime)

I hate loads of characters and baddies and ghouls fairly equally, though I have some contestants for the worst of the worst.

omniman - this fucking pathetic excuse of an evil superman who I could totally solo and dominate, brother’s haircut looking like he watches lankybox bruh

mega knight - please delete him.

the PG3D ultimatum - it’s kind of no surprise I dislike the most overpowered primary weapon in the game, but I feel like I shouldn’t complain as much since I use the harsh punisher which is one of the most broken snipers in the game.

tower heroes spirits from silent sanctuary - pain.

the yautja (predator species from the alien franchise) and probably the elites from halo too - I don’t know why I actually hate these guys so much, is it because they have weird mouths? or they have bad blood with humans? idk, either way I’d commit hatecrimes against their people for really no other motivation.


timmy from doors - not as gross as screech, in fact I really like spiders as a species, it’s just this little fucking shit is an asshole who jumpscares me and that’s why I don’t like him bruh fr

overcooked from the xmas 2023 tower heroes wishlist - I feel like he wasn’t supposed to be as hard as he was for me to beat but dear fucking god the burn effect is crippling to your army

electro wizard - I actually really like this character it’s just his voicelines get stuck in my head and it pisses me off.


chien pao - how did this get past balacing, no, seriously, who thought the treasures of ruin would be healthy pokemon for the competitive scene. their abilities are a warcrime and all of them (except wo chien lol) can be huge nuisances to deal with, ESPECIALLY CHIEN PAO.

also chien pao replaced weavile which is kind of a dick move tbh.

lampurge - 5 words: captivating and drop of youth.

Dr vanta - just look at him.


I know for a fact this guy is probably a crypto bro.

no, even worse, he probably invented cryptocurrency in the LL universe.

off with his head.

OLEG - It’s sort of, an ironic hatred for OLEG? like he was legitimately a freak of nature while he was here and he sent me a rather disturbing video link as a “birthday gift” but looking back he was honestly kind of a goofy goober to have around and to terrify people.

Geometry dash urchin enemy - I don’t trust him.

Octo zombie from big wave beach - okay to be fair he does get bullied by infinut but like he’s still super obnoxious

wizard zombie from dark ages - RAHHHHHH

General julian - name one person in the community who actually likes this guy, go ahead, I’ll wait, and while you’re at it, name 1 person who actually finds the glass curse interesting.

Prince revon - I don’t care that I killed your brother and you’re emotionally distraught ur kinda lame tbh

Neviro - blud literally appeared out of nowhere as an NPC on cirrus and the game tries gaslighting me into liking him because he like, got slammed into the ceiling I guess.

huggy wuggy - good game, decent character, ruined by the internet.

anything from the digital circus - again, ruined by the internet.

lankybox - anything these mfs touch seems to be just, tainted with brainrot and hypersaturation, coincidentally the two previous entries were essentially molested by these guys.

skibidi toilet - admittedly I think the TV men are cool but this is basically just a modern YTP and it sucks

that’s all of the ghoulies I can think of for now, I’ll maybe add more to this list later.


I don’t get what people’s problem with megaknight is, what’s wrong with him

He’s a dick and he’ll get what he deserves

LITTLE PRINCE (full senetence)


I’d burn him alive, rip his guts out of his body and throw him inside a pool filled to the brim with leeches.

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its real?

raises hand pitifully

OKAY okay I actually did absolutely despise this guy cause 1). hes a prick and 2). glass is MY magic who tf is he???

but then i drew him (aka fixed his janky ass cut) and now hes my fav punching bag (affectionately)


Can’t believe I missed this when I read the whole thing but anyways, me me me!! I do!


just thought about this he could look like that crystal guy from ben ten I don’t know his name


Mojito from Kaiser is actually evil. Not only does he act like a dick while playing board games he tells Choso that he doesn’t care about his dead brother. Can this guy get any worse?

I have no idea what that is but that picture would have given me nightmares

I absolutely hate Gumball for the amazing world of Gumball when I was younger and all that was on was his show I wanted to strangle either myself or Gumball himself.

I also hated the disgusting pieces of shit in this thing that I was forced to watch. No human should have every been subjected to this show from the darkest depths. It is the worst form of torture ever conceived. Teen Titans Go.

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The movie was fire though

I don’t care about the movie. 99% of this show is the characters screaming or something so disturbing or disgusting that it was vividly burned into my mind.

The other 1 percent was telling kida to get involved in a pyramid scheme while singing very stupid songs.

I hate SpongeBob’s laugh, most annoying pos in the world. Also at this point I think he’s just intentionally failing boating school or he’s secretly a sadist trying to torment Mrs. Puffs as much as possible.

Patrick is also pretty idiotic, but sometimes he actually impresses me with some smart thinking, so I hate him less than SpongeBob.

Yeah, Gumball is a pretty big creep and asshole too, Larry doesn’t deserve all this bullying

Jay from Ninjago has an annoying high-pitched voice too and he cant stop yapping sometimes. Tried to re-watch Masters of Spinjitzu a little while back and I couldnt make it through the first few seasons


Every royal from one piece
Those characters got me tweaking badly somehow

And that one antagonist from train to busan