What clipping software do you use?

After discussing the current ban system with Mimhere and others, I have more confidence I wont be false banned, nonetheless I want to get a clipping software to use just in case and i need reccomendations.

If you got got a nvidia graphics card then I recommend using Shadowplay. Idk if you can get it otherwise but that’s always a safe bet. I always use it when I hop on AO now.

Other than that can’t go wrong with OBS. :nod:

i use medal

Yes you can
By using it ong
Laggiest fucking screen recorder I’ve ever used

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I use medal but like sometimes its an absolute bitch to work with

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xbox game bar
i think its built into windows 10 but im not too sure

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I use medal



Xbox Gamebar Recorder is better than medal


false it only works 10% of the time

I have both Medal and Shadowplay on my laptop but I have no idea how to use ShadowPlay so I’m sticking to Medal :nod: :+1:

I tried it, but im not partial to it

use medal, but kinda wanna switch off since medal is an annoying mf sometimes

might look into shadowplay since i have an nvidia thingymajig!!!

OBS deducts at least 20 frames from my gaming sessions. I’ve stopped using clipping software because I’m anxious that having both AO and the recording program open at once could stress my computer so much it could potentially damage it.

shadowplay goated

Xbox game bar because I am afraid the others would be too inconvenient (cpu usage, a pop-up Mis found with medal)
Besides, I am too lazy to get a better one

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Xbox Game Bar because it’s already there and no way am I making an account and installing their stupid clients just to record clips.

Ideally I’d write an ffmpeg script, but I’m too lazy and it seems non trivial.

What do you mean? It works fine for me

true, doesn’t reduce alot (its only a couple of frames, 5 or 8)