What color of ice magic do you use?

  • :ice_magic_var1:
  • :ice_magic_var2:
  • :ice_magic_var3:
  • :ice_magic_var4:

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I personally am bouncing between glacial and mystic

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arctic, it’s the most ice coloured ice, and i want my ice to be ice

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you know fun fact: ice was the very first magic I picked playing WoM

also it was the ice starter I chose when I played LL for the first time.

maybe I’m meant to be ice

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ice is the only magic i’ve used in wom, though my first file did use mystic

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I picked glacial first

and I remember using a green jacket, the chill face (duh), and like cyan blue bed head hair (to resemble icicles)

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mystic ice is the only valid ice color (i only choose purple variants of magics)

might use mystic honestly but idk glacial seems more traditional looking

Mystic ice
the first magic i ever used for a file, emerald ketch
And now i want to make a file named Artis, who also uses it

From the colors of ice i’ve used when testing it out i didn’t really enjoy all of them except :ice_magic_var3: sooooooo

Mine was moonlight, and light was my ll starter

Me voting with out using ice magic for get more blue ice

Hell nah arctic winnin

I’m posting this every time you switch magics

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technically I didn’t switch

ice is just water but solid :shushing_face:

You switched from sand tho which I didn’t speak on

no I still have a sand file

gonna use it with wood and plasma probably

also, I still have my water warlock.

so did I really switch?

Your forum profile magic switched so you switched simple :pray:

No excuse will let you deny your obvious indecisiveness

you’re fat