What deckhand profession you picked? [POLL]

With new “Small Update” we finally got our deckhand rework, and along with it deckhand professions.
Some are better than others, and for example: Shipbuilder, Enchanter and Navigator are must have, meaning brig users have 1 spare profession to use.

So which one you picked?

  • Cannoner
  • Chef
  • Merchant
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Praying that merchants can sell arcspheres

cannonner because at higher levels he can reduce fuse time meaning i can spam dragonfire carronades even more :smiling_imp:

Chef cooked my colossal squid into a meal :frowning:
I had to let them go…


“yo whats up my name is deviable and i like to metamance-”
heavy exploding shells fire

I have a chef and a cannoner.
If I had to replace either I’d replace the cannoner for an enchanter.

Infinite free high quality food is crazy.

I’d think differently if rookie tier chef didn’t spam 238 hunger meals with 30 minutes of recovery 3 each 3 different times before I upgraded them at all

Unless something changes, Cannoner should be a must-have too. Chef always cooks the fish your crew catches, even though usually you may as well just sell them, while Merchant is entirely luck.

Also apparently they can “sell” a Platinum Shovel, but its level is too high atm.

Cannoneer is actually cracked out; 50% reduced cooldown and fuse time for what, 10s?

With brisk coehorn that’s a 1s cooldown :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I’m not seeing the value in Enchanter, though I don’t fight many Atlantean Brigs.
Most naval fights end pretty quickly and with no loss to ship HP, 30% temporary damage reduction isn’t going to save you time in any circumstance. The other professions have some application while farming, whereas enchanter is only useful for winning naval fights you might have otherwise lost.

Merchant might be good depending on what’s in the shop pool. Equipment is always going to be useless because any equipment you can find in chests is strictly worse than boss gear/chart modified gear, but if you can occasionally buy a stack of some rare reagent or gem it could be a huge timesaver, especially if you can relog to reset the store.

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Agreed, enchanter seems a bit more niche than the others. 30% reduction seems good but not nearly as helpful as the other three.
Cannoneer makes ship battles faster in your favor, shipbuilder provides an on demand heal (good for dark sea), and navigator’s speed boost seems really useful (even if your ship has 100 res).
Chef and merchant are more unsure, I don’t think merchants can sell you regents or gems. However I suppose it could help with loyalties?

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I feel like Merchant will like… never be good enough lmao. Still took him.

I have a shipbuilder, cannoneer, merchant, and enchanter.

i kicked the chef out after realizing that he will never match my cooking skills and that it will take forever for him to reach that point

i grabbed a fresh deckhand to experience the deckhand progression firsthand after that though and plan to make them a cannoneer

so this is why my server’s pirate ship count is so low!
everyone has been farming them

they can



Don’t know how much hp% it gives at master but it is good for keeping your deckhands alive so you don’t lose their abilities

Master enchanter heals your crew by 20%

My deckhand will become gordon ramsay