What Deckhand Professions would you guys use?

navigator, ship builder, enchanter, merchant

merchant is good and i’ll die on that hill

What’s the benifit of going high resilience? and similarily, over 100% stability?

Navigator at high levels lets you insta escape from whirlpools

Over 100 stability does nothing, resilience helps when you are sailing against the wind (I think it goes like 80% resilience is 80% speed when going against the wind)

okay. but what about artifacts. which of them do yall recommend

You cannot go over 100% RES or stability, and when you gain 100% RES you will always travel at 100% speed no matter what direction you are traveling (navigator primarily provides 100% RES which is why it can get invalidated)

I’m currently saving my 4th slot for any future professions, though the Frigate/ whatever the next boat is probably has another slot anyways

Yeah but I’ll need allota Clearstones and Notebooks

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I think you missed the idea, Thumbs ups have always been likes, it’s a thing on Youtube since it was born

merchant is a must cause it sometimes sells potion making ingredients that are hard to farm

for regular requirements and all that, its always been hearts.

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where merchant

merchant is ass


Only has 8 slots (at max level, at the start it’s 2) and sells useless shit

The merchant is one of the most usefull deckhands overall, he can sell very useful stuff like ingridients, reagents catalysts etc