What Deckhand Professions would you guys use?

I have 2 Deckhands awaiting they’re professions, I already got Shipbuilder and Cannoneer, what shall be the next 2 Professions?

enchanter and navigator

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like the guy said above, enchanter and navigator though merchant is pretty useful to get

I could try Merchant

Navigator, Ship Builder, Enchanter, Canoneer


merchant is really only for if you plan to buy a bunch of misc uncommon stuff like reagants, food that sort of thing (but you gotta max it out cus it starts with only 2 slots)

RN just using Shipbuilder Cannoneer Enchanter
Used to have a navigator but then I got 100% RES

they also sell uncommon armour sets, including the new ones

I know that but its uncommon gear its not that hard to get or really have that much value

So Merchant is another way of farming Galleons right?

no just go around and collect chests for crafted gems and go to the jewel guy and make a few crafted gems they sell for more than they cost (if you are farming ships you get hella money anyways)

That’s true, especially from hunting criminals, possibly beating Atlanteans?

do NOT fight atlanteans they are not worth the trouble (also can i pwetty pwease get a like I need member tier)

Done lol

danke (profile doesnt say I have given any likes or recieved any but I know that not true so im gonna assume its straight lying)

Holy shit its the king crimson dude i forgot about you

I do not recognise you from anywhere maybe you got the wrong guy or sum? or do you mean the profile picture of one of the king crimsons band albums

I do gotta point 1 thing out, I enjoy fighting these Atlanteans as a Magma Conjurer

I am magmamaxxing mage (magma and ash) its pretty fun pve yeah

I think this and Sock’s opinion might be the one, I never done Enchanters before