What do I draw of Empress Nilah

What do I draw of Empress Nilah.

Staring us down in a menacingly way like this google image I found


Can you make Empress Nilah as Lady Demitrescu?

can you make a normal piece of art of the character doing absolutely normal things

empress nilah drinking samerian smoothie

Napping :zzz:

Draw her reading a dictionary.

Draw her with the “Nah, I’d win” face while she is facing the Keraxe navy.

You should totally draw her pr

I mean, summer is approaching, so you’d be perfectly justified giving her a swimsui-

Nah, only kidding. Go with @AJJ ’s idea, it sounds rad.

Wait, no, better idea. Combine everything here.

So draw the Empress-

  • Sitting down on her throne
  • Dressed as lady Demitrescu
  • Drinking a smoothie
  • While asleep
  • Muttering “nah, I’d win” while dreaming of fighting the Keraxe navy

having a good sleep

love how her being absolutely normal isnt an option

Absolutely not. Such is not how artists operate.

make the simps happy

This is by far one of the worst question ive asked the forum.

just dont draw her at all thats the play

So true. Water is the best drincc.