What do I need to know to get good at PvP?

Title explains it all, really. I end up getting anxious whenever I end up in a server with a player that has a bounty and more than a few player kills under their belt and getting jumped by three players with positive renown in a server with no one with a bounty didn’t help with that either. If it helps you understand my situation better, I’m a Lightning Mage which probably makes this post really funny.

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just practice, more game knowledge vastly improves your pvp
know when to punish, predict what move the opponent is gonna use next and using that info try to parry/punish said moves

do more player bounties or practice aim on carina (moves unpredictably)

Nah just use the legendary tactic which is: block,parry,dodge


  1. Your naturally good at it
  2. Practice (try to win fights without gear)

anxious because someone has a bounty in ur server is INSANE

This is a big issue I have and honestly don’t know how I’m gonna get better at because of how passive I am. Fighting Conjurers are especially hard for me since it’s hard for me to get any real distance to land an attack when my opponent’s staying right up in my face.

if this was deepwoken id understand lmao

I should kill carina using only my beams and small blast, thinking about it. Maybe try to pick fights with people other than WarmWater.

I’m awful to use for practice

you’re never gonna fight someone like me

Yeah somebody like specter or his buddies would be far more fit for me