What do items that conduct magic actually do?

So I have this fire conducting arcsphere here
And I’m kinda just wondering what it actually does different than a regular arcsphere

Nothing, it just has fire magic imbued onto it, making it a fire arcsphere :+1:

Thats it? It’s basically just an orange arcsphere?

I mean I guess it’s uh hotter ?

someone imbued the energy of fire magic into it so it becomes the

Look cooler

Nothing changes about the stats; it’s appearance-based.
Smaller arcanium items are inconsequential, and it seems the same applies to arcanium glass, beyond a neat globe full of a cloud of your magic for no energy cost.

so if you have fire magic or ice magic it is still the same?

Magic conducting objects conduct magic within them :exploding_head:

Magic enchances Arcanium’s specific properties. Light make it faster, fire applies burn etc (arcanium weapons; cannons)
But Arcsphere and Braceletes are accesosries and both in lore and in-game they are conisdered as vanity without much purpose outside of that

your magic only effect its appearance yeah, that stats is always the same

i use arcanium wind ram and its the highest knockback ram in the entire game. now if only that were for wind imbued weapons/fists…

yeah wind ram is fun as hell lmao

i knocked a pirate ship onto silver hold once and watch it got obliberated once ( this was before mortars )

it makes it the most painful collector’s item, want a list of all 52?

its purely visual, thats it