What do y'all think about injuries?

Specifically I’m talking about the injuries you sustain after bosses like Argos and Calvus which temporarily decrease your max health.

it doesn’t make sense how I get an injury fighting argos when he only hit me 4 times while I was blocking
but eh, they’re there to make the player slow down on the story and encourage doing other things

not much of a problem, i spend time doing other stuff to catch up to the recommended level anyway

Thats fair, only issue I really have is that it prevents you from placing buffets, and pretty quickly after Calvus you have encounters with the bronze Navy and those wolf bandit guys that the injury can make extra annoying. The Argos one isn’t bad tho.

I go all-guns ablazing and keep doing the story regardless. It’s annoying, but it’s much better than the old Injuries concept.

yea, but the meal thing is probably unintentional

I figure that too, but as right now its still a part of the injury stuff

im currently leveling a metal mage and it’s pretty annoying to be at a lower max health because i basically speedran through the story and am underleveled + no gear

tbh I don’t mind it, plus the injury fades relatively quickly

They are ok.

Didn’t really notice them, since I do all side quests before progressing with main story, but I like the concept.

doesn’t really matter it dissapears quickly

which is only annoying if i’ve already done the story before and just want to max out my fucking slot please god why does this have to take 20 hours every GOD DAMN TIME LET ME SPEEDRUN THIS AND GET IT THE FUCK OVER WITH RRAHGARHGARH

me when I no-hit Argos or get hit like twice by calvus and I proceed to have all my bones shattered and toes sucked anyways (it’s for immersion and realism obviously)