What do you guys think about clan names as players surnames?

Like, my clan “lore” its like a family, most of the players do not want to reset a character or buy character, but want to still be apart of the role play, why not simply allowing us to use our clan name as the surname of our character an option in the clan editing

you should put this under suggestions not under clan btw

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Can you do it? I don’t have perms

you do, make a new thread with the suggestions tag

so the exact same thing rogue lineage and deepwoken does?

'“Timmy fartmuncher”

“Alice cutiefurry”

Kinda, but no, we aready have name and surname, its just removing a surname and adding a new one, half of my clan aready has our surname but like, some are generation 1

John “Church of Iris”

John Noble Phantasm
John Goethic
John Doge Nation

Sanjay “Agent of E.G.G” Epic Gamer Group (chat I am cooked?)

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Cooked like a chef

I meant adding a surname option, like when you create clans, as example
Instead of John Goethic, it could be:
Jhon (Name Choosen by goethic), and the name would be one of the aready existing in the game surnames, like zeus, zenith, banks…