What do you guys think AO characters smell like?

including all NPC’s, your oc’s, main cast idc
personally i think morden smells like ass

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iris definitely smells like burnt hair

what possessed you to make this.

I feel like the AO MC would always smell like the sea. Or maybe the smell right before it rains?

Morden is the smell of death, thats why Neviro gets creeped by him.

Neviro smells like fresh snow.

julian DEFINITELY smells like the arcane universe equivalent of axe body spray

Neviro smells like poor people, probably the real reason Calvus doesn’t like him he just says its because Neviro is the last heir of winterveil for the sake of appearances


Oh, I guess its my fault then


they all smell like wweed

what the fuck.

Bro why what sort of an unholy being are you?

im a human

Probably like shit considering that the War Seas have as much technological progress as the 1800’s otl.

The Tiberians probably smell the worst out of the Bronze Sea due to the unfortunate fact that they’re dirty poor and do not have access to the magicaly imbued detergent that probably exists.

sounds about right

Caria obviously smells like roses.