What do you guys think of my tier list

Uh maybe make the categories more specific instead of just putting crude notes

where wind conj at

Where’s lightning and water mage

Speed conj

Ig that’s just worse plasma shadow mage


It’s would be way too big if I were to be more specific

pfft, “non mage agility” is in d tier

what the hell is your mage gonna do when it’s projectiles literally can’t travel far enough to work


does water conj fall into the dmg conj category or is that one a bit shit

Wind mage aint S, snow water is easily way better

Wind mage is good cause it hard counters a lot of DOT magics and wind pulsar counter a lot of close range aoe builds. The stats are quite decent. If you actually do the math, base wind blast has extremely similar stats to a shadow blast with fist shape.

As a person that has a iron lord file, i can confirm that Iron Lord is A tier.

It hits like a truck with it’s increased damage + bleed DOT, and you can kinda negate ILeg’s drawbacks by going size.

my lightning and water mage should be at least a tier

I don’t know what I am.