What do you hope boss items become after TGR?

Title says it all lol :nod:





sticks of all shapes and sizes that reload and shoot out

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A magic missile

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I hope that the mino armour set compensation keeps the same stats. The vastira into another weapon idk what

I hope that the exiled armour set compensation is something actually useful or special. Maybe like a magic speed + casting speed armour set. Shield should stay a shield and i hope that the oathkeeper compensation weapon has an ability similar to raging storm

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hope they become future boss item reskins

Anything but galleons, unless it’s more than cap and we can exceed it with said compensation, but not normally.


Idk lances maybe

something cool i guess

I hope they stay the same tbh, or are changed just enough to fit the lore

i still like the concept of the Axe and the sword id just like extra abilities on them or maybe be replaced with valuable arcanium weapons eh idk, i guess that with this weapon revamp and the incoming leak that vetex announced on Twitter my opinion might change a bit


Yeah idc what it is as long as it’s not something I can currently code spam to get (I’m aware that it won’t be an issue in ao)


yeah but we will still have money

Exotic rarity melees. Because Tech himself said they’d be “more useful” than they are now, so they clearly aren’t gonna be galleons, and honestly they’d be more useful as exclusive, exotic rarity melee weapons.


Extra stats lol, so someone can be way too op, and be a one man army.

Sword with a ranged attack and a weapon with a funny destruction attack

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