What do you hope will change with the VFX improvements?

I want Ash to be more Laggy

im so excited for new slash effects
arcane odyssey having roblox PSYCHIS type effects will be insane (look it up on youtube)

Sunken Trident/Water VFX idea (maybe a type of move where they quickly do a dash grab type move towards the opponent and release cursed vindicator aoe on them) :

Ice magic vfx idea:

For light couldn’t it perhaps be more transparent and look white with slight light yellow or purple? also light is technically all colors so just give light an rbg slider for magic color, same with crystal

Yo those look cool, imagine rising tide with the first onef

I hope water magic gets a visual buff

after vetex read my mind and added dark sky to his game before i could add mine, i hereby gatekeep my water related ideas :rage:

eh i alr gave up the entire game anyways when i got better concepts and ideas

personally i like WoM water and most the effects from WoM better (the solid ones where is was just solid blue orb with some transparency, especially with beams.)

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Spritesheets could do so much for all magics without much effort if they were implemented right, I hope he uses them in this revamp.

Currently the only spritesheet in the game is the exploding cannonball vfx

Yeah I’m not a fan of the non solid effects water has now unless you use shapes

solid magics looks sorta goofy when they explode

water’s visual improvements from WoM to AO kind of wore off on me fairly quick.

it’s certainly better now, but it still doesn’t top AA’s water for me. a lot of AA water’s particle effects had parts where they would fade into white-ish highlights to indicate parts where the water thins out, like how it scatters into dense droplets or mist the way it does with waves.

i struggle to find any AA footage displaying this adequately that isn’t compressed to shit or from Arcane Reborn instead unfortunately

point is arcane adventures’ water magic is still my favorite vfx-wise and i hope AO gets some of that same magic touch AA had

imagine my water could look like
and fire like

water magic in a perfect world

man I wish I could switch my water magic variation to tropical cause the brighter colors look so much better :sob:

the preset (top one) and tropical look the best IMO (ink works with dark colors though)

thats only in whatever Vetex makes AO’s Wano

Can’t wait for the japanese based main island where the surrounding ocean looks like traditional japanese water and katana’s being common with any bosses of that origin using a katana with japanese effects (i would swap to savant or warrior immediately)

I hope vetex will redo the vfx for certain skills such as crushing judgement and devastate where the edges of the hitbox are hard to make out at high size so it feels like a pain to dodge those attacks. Moreover, it’s hard to tell the range and distance of sparrow thurst. Cleaner vfx would better illustrate the hitboxes of skills.

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You’ll get all the Japanese content you want once the ryujin dynasty shows up in 2038

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More performance boost