What do you think about magic weapons!

Tell me down there what you think about maagic weapons, basically the title,

i think they gonna use the spells you already have on your magic changing it shape,power making this a sort of pre-maker skills but just for shapes.
then whats the difference between maker skills and magic weapons basically use magic energy x use of it while maker skills are gonna drain it costantly(like hover) .
what do you expect and is my idea correct?

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Very excited, I can’t wait to use a sword (though only dagger will be available) and spells at the same time.
Not sure how they will affect the magics themselves, that will be interesting to see, but I doubt it will work like maker shapes.

I like the idea of having to enchant/perform certain rituals with scrolls to imbue your chosen element into a weapon. Personally though, I think magic weapons will simply have a large stat buff and some cosmetic effects. Nothing overly complex.

idk where i read it (i think twitter) vetex said about something like what i writed , not completly sure but near

Hmmmm I think they’ll be very similar to Magic Weapons in AA, honestly. Alot of the weapons already have special attacks, so I can see Magic Weapons being the exact same. Instead of Stamina, they’ll just drain Magic Energy.

It literally says how magic weapons will work on the features card of the trello so…
From what it looks like they’ll be similar to arcane but instead of having a special Q they’ll be used to cast magic.

I was thinking of magic weapons as seen in Danmachi where you buy a weapon which has certain spells your you can imbue your own weapons with spells but only one and this would be different for each weapon depending on which spell was imbued. I think that magic weapons could also break after lots of use.

nah they are made out of arcanium i think they wont

hmm that confused me

Arcanium weapons are (as the name implies) made of arcanium, and arcanium has magic conducting properties. In wom, you can use them with any of your magic (unlike arcane) and cast spells with it (also unlike arcane). There will also be casting tools which are going to basically be arcanium weapons (as we will know them in wom, not arcane) without the basic melee attack.

another player with a bit of wom culture!
I see you are a man of culture

u go to mythical metal worker and enchant your weapons with magic this should be for only people +50 and weapon level +60

well you guys clearly know a lot more than me and sounds cool

Arcane nostalgia. What if you could find the magic dagger you used in Arcane and maybe it would be titled Dagger of The Peacekeeper.

Magic weapons in wom will be much different from magic weapons in arcane.