What do you think level 1000 (and beyond) PvP will look like

bro is going to become the sacrifice in his username

Still doesn’t answer my question

Honestly? I say we let it get absurd. Let us have spell nukes and massive Getsuga-like blade swings and extremely fast techniques with insane knockback and so on.

But we limit where the players who can wield these powers can go. Or, better yet, depending on the level range for the story quests in a particular sea, like say the Bronze Sea(1-125), you limit their stats when they go to those places.

I want this to happen both because it sounds cool but also because it just seems like the way to go.

And Hell, if we do let them keep their overpowered abilities no matter where they are, just let them duke it on Mount Orthrys. Seems like a suitably massive battleground for them to flatten.


That’s actually a pretty cool idea

We already have spell nukes at the 2nd sea

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Huge AoE and destroying islands casually

savant is gonna be shit damn.

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