What do you Think Storm Magic (lost) Will be Like?

I’ve always wondered what it would look like and how it would function. I remember seeing a video on it from AA last year but I can’t find it. Will it just be lightning with knockback? What do you guys think?

It’ll probably give you literal control of weather or spells that’re very weather-like.

Like striking someone with a lightning bolt or summoning a tornado around you.

But aren’t lost magics basically base magics but more powerful/unique?

with unique effects and attributes

Don’t worry about, I’m sure vetex will give it a unique mechanic.

Maybe it would be like Lightning but with an extra powerful push of Wind, Wind accompanied with a barrage of Lightning, or maybe something cool like your attacks being summoned from (summoned by you) clouds.

Not really.

Slash, Gravity, Wave and Healing are all completely unique without ties to any base magic.

I always thought of storm as a water like magic but oh how wrong i am

mud magic is better


like tornadoes and lightning it says so right there

wind knockback + shocked

I mean like, it’ll be as customizable as base magics (like blast, pillard, etc) but not preset spells like in AA

It could still be :nod:

Ye but what will it look like

I think it would be like a lightning blast encased in like a wind blast

i will not repeat myself.

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Wind with some lightning effects OR the way cooler possibility of it being a gas magic that is black smoke with a few blue lighting effects. Prolly gonna have the same stun effect as lightning.

Ok what does a blast look like what does a beam look like I think u need to repeat yourself

clearly your imagination is not very active.