What do you think the image for the guilds update could look like?

I just thought of this and now I’m really curious. How do you guys think it could look?

Maybe 2 teams of wizards fighting eachother? Possibly with a flag on both side, each with a different basic logo to show 2 different guilds. It could represent both guilds and teams so…

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised to get a basic picture about WoM like these :

That would make a lot of sense tbh

I was planning to draw a battle scene with many wizards, possibly in a cartoonish roblox style due to school.

There’s probably going to be a few I’m doing as fan thumbnails.

idk maybe 2 castles in a siege or something

with people fighting in the inbetween the castle gates

remember that art that ore did? i can just see 10v10 version of that just pure chaos with maybe 2 guild logo’s on each side